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West Bengal Council of Higher Send Education (WBCHSE) controls the educational system of Classes Xi & Xii. The Council has been trying continually to make a sustained effort towards a quality uniform evaluation system all over West Bengal encompassing over 4300 schools and 8 lakhs students. 

WBCHSE has declared the date schedule for the examination of class xi (11th level). The annual exam of class XI -2019 will start from 26.02.2019. The Exam will commence at 2.00 pm and continue up to 5.15 pm. The Exam is conducted and controlled by WBCHSE. 

Dear students we are here with many questions and answers for you. We have tried utmost to make these answers so that you can get good marks in the examination. The Syllabus of English B has been changed. The questions and answers are prepared for the new syllabus. This page must provide help to the students who are going to sit for the Annual Examination of Class XI, WBCHSE. Keeping pace with the change, this page has been thoroughly updated and enriched to meet the demands of Examinees.

For better preparation make ready the notes on Leela's Friend by R.K. Narayan.

Q 1 : Write a note on the title of "Leela's Friend".

Ans: "Leela's Friend", by R. K. Narayan, is one of the most famous short stories. It is about the beautiful relationship between Leela, a little girl of five years and Sidda, a servant employed in their house. Sidda mainly took care of Leela and ran some errands. In course of time he became Leela's friend. Leela also clung closer to him. He played with her and told her beautiful imaginative stories. In this way Sidda was no more a servant, rather he became her most reliable friend. The aged persons suspected him to be a thief, but Leela did not believe it. Here is the faith of friendship. Thus Sidda always remained Leela's friend. So, the title is apt.

Q 2 : How did Leela attempt to 'educate' Sidda? How did Sidda get relief?

Ans: Leela, the five year old girl of the Sivsanker, clung closer to Sidda, the servant. Sidda became the ideal friend of Leela. She, in a playful manner, got great pleasure to play the role of a teacher to Sidda. She, like a teacher, made him squat on the floor with a pencil between his fingers. She gave him a catalogue. She taught him how to draw a crow or cat and how to write the alphabets. She asked him to copy them. But Sidda was a very poor student. He couldn't. But Leela was a strict teacher and she didn't give up effort. In this way the class went for a long time.

She got relief by telling Leela that her mother was calling hef for dinner. She ran out.

3. How was Leela's lost gold chain recovered? How did Leela's parents react to it?

Ans: Leela, the five-year-old girl, had lost her gold chain. Sidda was suspected for that. He was arrested and interrogated by police. After some days her mother, Mrs. Sivasanker, put her hand into the tamarind pot and picked up the chain. She washed off the coating of tamarind. Thus the missing chain was found.

          Leela's mother learnt that Leela had dropped the chain there. She informed that to her husband. He blamed Leela. Leela's mother reminded him of Sidda. Very casually he told that he would inform the police inspector. But he declared that he would not allow a criminal like Sidda in his house.

4. "Sir, do you want a servant?"- Who is the speaker? Who is addressed as 'sir'? How does 'sir' treat the speaker?

Ans: Sidda, the central character of the story "Leela's Friend " is the speaker here.

Mr. Sivasanker, Leela's father, is addressed here as "sir".

Sidda comes to the house of Sivasanker in search of job. Mr. Sivasanker allows Sidda to come inside the house. He notices him very carefully and considers him to be a good fellow. He interrogates him about his former job, his former master, and his previous job. He also takes suggestions from his wife. From such behaviour it is evident that he is cool, cautious and very much calculating.

5. "And that decided it."- What was the decision? Who took the decision? Why was 'that' important for taking the decision?

Ans: The decision was keeping Sidda as a servant in the house of Mr. Sivasanker.

The decision was taken jointly by Mr. and Mrs. Sivasanker.  Ultimately Leela, their little daughter emphasised it.

Sidda was totally unknown to Mr. and Mrs. Sivasanker. At first Mr. Sivasanker alone could not take the final decision. So, he called his wife. Then came Leela. She noticed Sidda and insisted on keeping him as their servant. Her parents agreed. Leela's recommendation was of much importance because it became easier for her parents to appoint Sidda as servant in their house.


1. Who wrote 'Leela's Friend'?
Ans: Rashipuram Krishnaswami Narayan (R.K.Narayan) wrote "Leela's Friend".

2. Who was Sidda?
Ans: Sidda was the servant of Mr. Sivasanker's household.

3. Where was Sidda employed before?
Ans: Sidda was appointed in the house of a doctor. 

4. Why did Sidda lose his former job?
Ans: Sidda lost his former job because he left the town. 

5. Whose company made Leela supremely happy?
Ans: The company of Sidda made Leela supremely happy. 

6. How did Leela react at the sight of Sidda?
Ans : At the sight of Sidda Leela gave a cry of joy.

7. "I like him."- Who liked whom?
Ans: Leela liked Sidda.

8. What was Sidda's duty in Sivasanker's family ?
Ans: Sidda had to wash clothes, tend the garden, run errands, chop wood and look after Leela in the family of Mr. Sivasanker. 

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